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We are introducing the first and only In-Corporate clinic for your
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Introduction to Corporate Care

We welcome you to Corporate Care, where we place a high value on the overall health of our employees and office workers. As a leader in healthcare within academic environments, we promote comprehensive healthcare by utilizing our Fitwell Hub Smart Clinic and various other solutions for digital health. We aim to create a healthier academic environment with our specialized products and services

Nurturing Office and Employee Wellness

Promoting office and staff wellness is a priority at The Corporate Care Clinics Pakistan. We are aware of the critical significance of the overall health and well-being of our employees and office, which are essential to the growth of our organizations. We are therefore determined to support their overall health and well-being by offering a wide range of wellness programs tailored to their employees' requirements.

  • Comprehensive Health Assessment

    Regular health screenings and checks are needed to monitor your family's health.

  • Stress Management Programs

    Stress Management Programs are tailored techniques and tools for the office workforce to decrease stress levels and reduce burnout.

  • Workplace Ergonomics

    Guidelines for designing ergonomic workplaces to reduce the possibility of injuries to your muscles and skeletal system while improving your employees' effectiveness and ensuring that the workspace is user-friendly.

  • Health Promotion Campaigns

    Workshops and interactive training are designed to promote healthy and well-being practices in employees and instructors.

Our Services

We are at Corporate Care Clinic, focusing on improving employee's health and well-being, with a sense of energy as the main focus of all our initiatives.

Primary Care

Our healthcare offerings focus on regular health check-ups, vaccinations, and general medical assistance to employees. Whether it's about treating common cold symptoms or dealing with more complicated health issues, our team, comprised of medical experts, will focus on providing top-quality treatment to our customers.

Mental Health Support

At Corporate Care Clinic, we consider offering psychotherapy as a key product in our healthcare and wellness services. We also believe that it is essential to concentrate on our clients' psychological health, apart from their mental health. Accordingly, we provide counseling and therapy sessions to help employees deal with their challenges.

Specialized Health Care

Besides general and mental health-related services, our Corporate Care Clinic provides specialized medical services. To satisfy our patients ' needs, we bring customized treatments that address orthopedic gynaecological and dermatological problems.

Health Education

We at Corporate Care Clinic know education's role in boosting health and well-being. This is why we provide classes and workshops focusing on different health-related subjects. We aim to equip employees with the understanding and talent required to make educated choices about their health overall.


In the Corporate Care Clinic, we also offer health coordination services, allowing for the seamless data exchange and coordination between healthcare facilities and educational institutions.

Our Corporate Clinic in Pakistan provides various healthcare options, such as general care and mental healthcare support, special medical treatment, and healthcare education that ensures the overall wellness of the patients.

With easily accessible sites and flexible appointment schedules, Corporate Care Clinic makes it simple for patients to get medical care promptly while not affecting their work or academic schedules.

Through the health coordination service, Corporate Clinics facilitates continuous communications and collaboration between educational institutions and healthcare providers to ensure the continuity of healthcare for patients.

Staffed by skilled medical experts, Corporate Care Clinic delivers high-quality health services, from routine checks to more specialized procedures, giving patients assurance in the quality of their treatment.

Corporate Care Clinic emphasizes preventive healthcare and health education, giving patients the tools and resources they need to care for their health and avoid any future illnesses effectively.

Corporate Care Solution's Features

Our Features

Why Choose Us

Our focus at the Corporate Care Clinic is delivering a productive work environment that meets the needs of employees and other office employees through an unwavering dedication to promoting their health. Ensuring we address individuals' needs and form new approaches is important for improving general health. We are concerned about the importance of mentoring a mental health culture in corporate setups to make it easy for employees to access requisite support and facilities that will enable them to maximize their potential. Our crucial mission is to set up a workplace fully validated by the fact that health and productivity are expected to be mutually satisfied. Also, we have Campus Care for students' wellness.

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Fitwell Corporate Care is a complete health and wellness program designed specifically for companies that want to improve the well-being and health of their staff.

Access Corporate Care Clinic’s offerings by going to any of our convenient clinics or calling us to make an appointment. Also, we offer healthcare after-hours assistance in the event of an emergency.

Indeed, Corporate Clinic provides advantages such as discounted medicine and lab tests, accessibility to specialist doctors, internationally-based second opinion services, and medical services for families, which provide complete healthcare for employees and their family members.

Indeed, Corporate Care Clinic offers electronic health record management, allowing users to access their medical records quickly and securely anytime, from any location.

Corporate Care Clinic emphasizes preventive health care by conducting regular screenings of employees and wellness and health education. It empowers employees to take proactive actions in maintaining their well-being and health.

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