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Here at Smart Clinic, we are devoted to introduce healthcare innovation through advance technology. By focusing on efficiency, accessibility and a broad scope of non-surgical and non-emergency services, our mission is to upgrade the healthcare exposure for medical experts and patients alike.

Our goal is to create a digital medical platform that could easily and efficiently serve the requirements of both large hospitals and small clinics. We provide the ideal healthcare solution that can manage each and everything, from ordering lab results to providing remote patient monitoring. It can even make medical records for your patients.

Telehealth Smart Clinics

Our Services

Administrative Services

Our experienced team handles all the administrative responsibilities, allowing medical professionals to mainly focus on patient care only. From scheduling the appointment and billing to medical records management and insurance coordination, we streamline administrative processes, decreasing overhead expenses and to guarantee smooth operations.

Telemedicine ASP Access

By using our Application Service Provider (ASP) site, we provide an efficient and secure telemedicine services. Virtual consultations can be conducted by medical expertise with the patients, giving them medical advice, prescriptions, and remote monitoring. Especially in rural or underserved areas, our telemedicine services deliver safe, convenient, and accessible healthcare.

Physicians Platform

Using real-time data and advance tools, our Physicians Platform enables physicians to make well-informed decisions. With the help of this, precise diagnosis and effective treatment plans are made possible. Physicians can provide their patients the best possible care when they have access to medical literature and advance research.

Telehealth Kiosks are changing the way healthcare is provided by increasing accessibility to high-quality medical services for people all over the world with their ease of use and efficiency. It enhances patient’s engagement, minimizes wait times and improves administrative procedures.

Smart Health Management Solution by Fitwell Hub


With data from our integrated EMR system, Population Health Management permit the providers to take a proactive approach to engaging with some specific populations. individualized interventions and health education are only possible by its seamless integration with our virtual care solution. The Risk Stratification feature examines individual patients for customized virtual care consultations and treatment plans, enhancing allocation of resources. These revolutions support continuous monitoring and early intervention through our remote patient monitoring solution. Come work at the leading frontier of healthcare innovation at Smart Clinic, where we will give each patient with individualized, effective, and outcome-centered care.

Our Objectives

patient journey

Our Commitment

Our Smart Clinic Commitment


We are dedicated to making healthcare accessible to all, breaking down geographical barriers with Hub & Spoke, and ensuring quality healthcare reaches everyone.


Our services are designed with patients at the center. We deliver personalized care, understanding that each individual's needs are unique.


Embracing the latest advancements in healthcare technology, we remain at the forefront of innovation, ensuring our services are cutting-edge and efficient.

Security and Privacy

We uphold the highest standards of data protection to safeguard patient information, ensuring confidentiality and trust.


Robust telemedicine carts are a great source to assist your personnel. Digital tangible solution that is perfect for remote care delivery, impatient rounds, and much more.


Smart Clinic's telehealth solutions for facilities ensure that their personnel can offer adequate care without being overworked.


For the hospitals, Smart Clinic's solutions provides the quality to directly engage with the patients to specialized services from expertise, regardless of geographical obstacles.

Join us on our mission to reshape healthcare delivery. Experience the transformative power of Smart Clinics today! Together, let's build a healthier world!

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Smart Clinic provides telemedicine, administrative support, and advanced healthcare technology solutions.

Smart Clinic improves patient outcomes by delivering direct access to specialized services and facilitating remote consultations.

Hospitals can lessen staff workload, enhance patient results, and improve efficiency with the help of Smart Clinic’s services.

Smart Clinic adheres to strict data protection guidelines, ensuring patient confidentiality and security.

The goal is proactively contacting specific populations and providing customized interventions for better health outcomes.